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19-Oct-2017 21:29

However, significant changes have taken place over the last 15 years of evolution in data warehousing.Data warehouses are becoming more real time and decision support is certainly considered a mission-critical, operational capability in many organizations.Despite the aggressive service levels in performance, availability, and data freshness demanded of a real-time data warehouse solution, it is critical to understand the data warehouse isn’t a replacement for traditional OLTP systems.Bookkeeping within an organization is best performed using an OLTP systems infrastructure.Provides the foundation of a healthcare information exchange platform that makes healthcare data more useful by supporting the integration and operation of a full spectrum of healthcare applications.

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Assuming that the analytic decisions related to gate assignment, holding connecting flights, re-accommodation, and so on can be accomplished within a reasonable amount of time (minutes), the need for immediate (small number of seconds) acquisition of the late flight event would be overkill.

Real time should not be the goal for a data warehouse implementation in and of itself.