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04-Sep-2017 17:41

Susan’s Another older community, Susan’s FTM section is also quite active.

Cross The scope of this community is larger than the name suggests, and you’ll find a good dose of FTM discussion going on, including a number of private, invite-only sub-forums.

Facebook Like You Tube, Facebook’s Group features are lacking and the result is a dense mass of transgender related Facebook Groups with little or no activity.

While you may need to sift through a large number of defunct Groups, you’ll also find Groups for trans guys that have memberships of 1000 and a high level of engagement.

Common social networks include,, facebook and - all with massive amounts of member sthat run into millions.

The following are well known social networking sites and Interenet friends networks that offer secular web users great ways to socialise and meet up with friends across the planet - beit for holidays together, social events and parties or just online chat.

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German-language support forum for FTM transsexuals. Trans Queer Nation – A popular private network for Transgender, Gender Queer, FTM, MTF, Androgynous, Gender Fluid, Non-Binary / Non-Gender Identifying, Transsexual, Pan sexual, Questioning, Queer, Spouses, Partners, Allies, Friends and GLBTQ Supporters. Beef Heads – Fitness, weight lifting, nutrition network for trans guys.FTM Mentors This is a unique community where members can search for a local Ft M friend to either mentor or to find an Ft M to turn to for support.

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